The Damage.... or should we say Steal.




  Women $45  
  Men $35  
  *all cuts include wash & finish  
  COLOR * What Are You Staring At?  
  Single Process $36+  
  Double Process $70+  
  Foil $70 - $105  
  Corrective color price based on consultation  
  * An additional charge of $10 will be added for an extra color mixed and will be discussed with you beforehand  
  *At RPS Salon you will receive a complimentary 10-minute finishing blow-out with all color services.  
  If you wish for a full professional blow-dry after your color service it will be just $25 flat.  
  STYLING The Happy Ending...  
  Blow Dry $35+  
  Add Flat Iron $10  
  Add Curling Iron $10  
  *all cuts include wash & finish  
  TEXTURIZING TREATMENTS My Dirty Little Secret.  
  Permanent Wave $75+  
  Relaxer $75+  
  Bio Ionic $250-$500 (Japanese Relaxer)  
  KERATIN TREATMENTS Keeping it smooth....  
Full Keratin Treatment $200+
(price upon consultation)